How Fashion Brands Can Use Tech To Improve Transparency

Interview with Andrew Xeni

“Fashion brands should use tech to monitor factories and improve transparency”, says start-up Andrew Xeni, co-founder of Fabacus, a London-based fashion technology company, who grew his software start-up out of one of Britain’s leading family-run apparel manufacturers.

Andrew believes technology is helping firms overcome the battle for transparency.

andrew xeni co-founder of fabacus
Andrew Xeni, co-founder of Fabacus,

Andrew Xeni:

“Even the most ethical firms face challenges in monitoring their supply chains. What was once simply a case of visiting a factory is now far more complex, with garments often manufactured in multiple locations with materials sourced from many more. Technology that binds lots of systems together can help reduce supply chain risk – which is monumentally high in retail.”

“As with any chain, it is only as strong as the weakest link. With consumers placing more weight on firms acting responsibly, fashion retailers, e-commerce platforms and the brands themselves will be under greater scrutiny.

“We see those in control now crunching data in real-time to get a better understanding of their business functions. This allows companies to break down often complex and granular production processes in order to make better strategic decisions. It’s possible now to trace the location of products right across the globe, providing a higher level of fashion transparency and oversight than ever before.

“Customers in new markets will become increasingly conscious of the sources of their purchases. And with the level of transparency technology now provides, it won’t be long before retailers can comprehensively map out their products and be confident in claiming ethical sourcing. Equally, having full transparency of your entire supply chain means that you don’t need to rely on your first point of contact in the chain.”

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