Fabacus Overture

A product lifecycle and supply chain management software

Managing all your manufacturing needs

Fabacus Overture transforms and manages your entire business process - from design through to garment delivery. Created specifically for apparel suppliers and manufacturers of all sizes, Overture delivers a complete, end-to-end software product to meet all your requirements. It provides a scalable platform for growth via its modular software format that helps you build new business revenue streams for tomorrow.


SCM & PLM Management Software

Increased Profits and Efficiency

Through using the built-in costings sheets, Overture gives you an instant overview of your garment costs in one, convenient place – from components to overheads, to CMT and margins.

SCM & PLM Management Software

Transform Business Intelligence

Overture delivers transparency throughout your business with its reporting and financial analytics, production visibility and real-time monitoring of stock inventory and product locations.

SCM & PLM Management Software

Helping you Boost Productivity

Overture’s immediate data saves you time and allows you to plan your production more effectively. Its platform integrates component purchasing, stock allocation and docket creation all in one place.

Why we’re unique

Built by people in the fashion industry

Created by people in the apparel manufacturing business, Overture has been field-tested and perfected over 8 years, with more than 100 million orders annually. This represents more than £1 billion worth of transactions processing through Overture. As industry experts with hands-on experience, we personally understand the common issues involved in fashion manufacturing.

Pre-emptive analytics

With all your manufacturing needs managed from one central location, Overture delivers you consolidated information from all your data sources. This allows you to anticipate potential high-stress periods in your manufacturing critical path.

Affordable and intuitive software

Our software is not only simple and intuitive to use, it’s also competitively priced. From the very moment you start using it, it saves you time and money.

Living data

Fabacus Overture transforms big data into living data. This allows you to see patterns and solutions and immediately react to sales trends.

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