Does Fabacus Overture have a Critical path?

Yes, Fabacus Overture can be used as a critical path software. When it comes to manufacturing, although the base processes may be the same, we at Fabacus understand there are variations in the critical paths used by all businesses, that’s why with Overture we can customise your software for you.

What is a critical path?

A critical path is a roadmap to the completion of a project, giving you an overview of the sequence of stages needed to complete an operation.

It enables the user to identify the relative importance of each task or stage of a process chain, ensuring the right amount of effort is accordingly spent, which helps businesses better deal with and simplify complex process chains.

Critical path software allows you to monitor orders as they pass through the manufacturing process.

The Fabacus Overture Critical Path shows the status of an order in respect to its associated supply chain. This allows the user to plan ahead and complete work in the quickest possible time, at the lowest possible cost price.

Why are critical paths important?

With every stage mapped out in Overture, business owners can anticipate where delays will occur, and can estimate the end date of projects.

This is absolutely vital for companies involved in manufacturing. Historically our key client base has been from the apparel manufacturing industry, where the number of processes involved from production to distribution can run into the hundreds.

A critical path is extremely important when it comes to presenting customers with a real-time update of where their garments are in the supply chain and allows manufacturers to provide their clients with key data on the status of their orders.

One of the most important aspects of critical path software is that it allows the user to unify all the processes in the supply chain, giving your business the space to plan and strategise.

Overture’s manufacturing critical path

Fabacus Overture’s critical path software tracks the status of the garments as they are being manufactured by several factories. The software enables you to see when finished garments have been delivered to warehouses, distribution centres and clients and it allows you to track your factory capacity and make last minute adjustments to ensure you meet deadlines.

Bespoke garment tracking

If you are a bespoke clothing manufacturer, you can track the capacity of your pattern cutters and tailors. You can also track how far they are with developing the garments.

The same applies to wedding dress makers, Fabacus Overture lets you track the capacity of your seamstresses, as well as the status of all your required fabrics, lace, sequence and decorations.

Ensuring your business is organised is essential for productivity, profitability and growth. Fabacus Overture’s organisational and critical path software capabilities will be able to take your business to the next level, please take a moment to learn what Overture is.

Critical Path software keeps track of:

• Garment order status

• Fabric due dates and warnings when late

• Fitting process and sealing status

Benefits of our Critical Path software:

  • Manufacturing deadlines are monitored and observed
  • Processes have full visibility and tasks can be shared among team members
  • It becomes possible to estimate minimum lead times
  • It enables you to prioritise efficiently
  • Manufacturing issues can be anticipated and dealt with
  • A critical path allows you to focus on elements of a project that demand your attention