Product Lifecycle Management Software for Optimising PLM

There is a common misconception that Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software is only for Enterprise level businesses. But in this age of digitisation, it is becoming apparent that PLM software is an essential for businesses of all levels.

What is Product Lifecycle Management software?

PLM software is a tool that unifies your business, becoming a centralised data hub for all of your company’s product activity, allowing you to track, manage and access all your business’ product processes and data, in real-time.

Product Lifecycle Management software seeks to reduce time to market, enhance the product’s quality, and also enables businesses to anticipate high-pressure situations with ease and also monitor a product’s successes.

Why do I need PLM software?

PLM software makes different data coherent, enabling you to view all the processes and data from different parts of your business in one location, in data displays known as dashboards.

Just like the dashboard in your car, where you can briefly look over the dials to receive information, with Product Lifecycle Management tool, you can do the same for all the complex data of your business, enabling you to view summarised, clean and consolidated data.

What’s more, all processes are tracked and are thus traceable, increasing the quality assurance of your business. With this quality assurance comes efficiency, which in reality results in lower lifecycle costs and less time wasted in the lifecycle of your products.

If you’re looking to increase your business’ productivity, efficiency and effectiveness, Fabacus Overture is the right Fashion and Apparel PLM software for you.

Key Benefits of our PLM Software:

  • Prioritise raw material requirements
  • Quickly scan all the key data of your business
  • Increase on-time garment production
  • Gain more control over inventory
  • Eliminate handwritten notes and excel errors
  • Reduce wastage at every stage
  • Lead time reduction and quick response/replenishment
  • Centralisation equals clearer inter-department communication
  • Both you and your apparel suppliers look at coherent critical paths
  • Several users can access data at any one time
  • Keep a closer eye on all critical paths of your business
  • Time-sensitive production tasks can be anticipated
  • It is one of the most affordable fashion and apparel PLM software available on the market