fashion designer funding

Fashion Designer Funds, Competitions & Prizes

Looking for fashion designer funding? Find below a list of fashion designer funds and competitions which you may be eligible to enter. Fabacus Overture grew organically in a fashion environment – so we can appreciate how hard it can be for emerging fashion designers to create a successful fashion business. (more …)

transparency in the supply chain

Transparency in the supply chain: why it is more important than ever

Where it once didn’t matter where a product came from, customers and governments are becoming increasingly more concerned with transparency in the supply chain. Following the introduction of the Modern Slavery Act in 2015, it has become compulsory for UK companies who meet the criteria to have transparency in the supply chain but it is something that still needs work.(more …)

real fur sold as faux fur

Duping the shopper: why is real fur sold as fake fur?

There are many things in fashion that shock and awe people, but this bizarre twist of events that sees real fur sold as faux fur is truly astonishing. An investigation by British television show Good Morning Britain has unveiled that some faux fur on the UK high street is in fact real fur. (more …)

Anti-counterfeit solutions

Fighting back: Anti-counterfeit solutions for retailers

From Rolex to Cartier, Louis Vuitton to Coach, and UGG to Nike, anti-counterfeit solutions are hugely important for a brand to protect their identity and their products. It is estimated that 5-7% of the world’s trade comes from counterfeit goods, and the market is roughly worth a staggering $1.7 trillion. For counterfeiters it’s a big business, but for retailers it’s a massive headache.(more …)


Speed is King In Supply Chain Management

In Game of Thrones, the Stark family has a motto that won’t be unfamiliar to fashion companies: “Winter is coming”. Just when this will happen is often unclear, which makes it tough for brands to stock up with the right products.(more …)

how haute couture is created videos

Behind The Scenes – How Haute Couture Is Created (Video Compilation)

High street and fast fashion now involves speedy garment production, machinery manufacturing and the utilisation of “economical” fabrics. This is in vast contrast to the creation of Haute Couture. For this post, we’re looking behind the scenes in awe, admiring the time, effort and care involved in the creation of Haute Coutre.(more …)


Mixed Gender Fashion Shows: 3 Opinions from Industry Experts

With fashion brands like Vivienne Westwood and Bottega Veneta having gone against convention by combining their men’s and women’s lines at London Fashion Week, and Gucci announcing earlier this year they would be making a similar move in 2017, its seems the format of fashion weeks are evolving;(more …)

Helping hands: global supply chains require new levels of transparency

Helping Fashion To Comply

Technology enables retailers and manufacturers to have greater visibility of their supply chain.

The chilling effect of slavery on the textile industry stretches back centuries. (more …)


See now, buy now: The death of Haute Couture?

It’s London Fashion week (September 2016) and in a dark mauve room hot with anticipation, elegant models strut between the white Georgian panels of an abandoned bookshop, to reveal Burberry’s first ever ‘see now, buy now’ collection, providing yet another example of a fast growing trend in fashion. (more …)


3 innovative developments in e-commerce

It’s hard to believe that Amazon, currently the most popular online retailer in the world, conducting 74.1% of all total e-commerce sales, began in 1995, stumbling onto the internet like a dewy-eyed Bambi. Since then, there have been many innovative developments and the e-commerce marketplace has become increasingly crowded (more …)

hate your job?

Hate Spreadsheets? Hate your job? Maybe, we can help

If you have a job that you love, a job that gives you enormous financial, moral and personal satisfaction, well, good for you. If you walk tall through the gridlock of rush hour human traffic cheered by the thought of sitting down to your desk and firing off the first of many emails that punctuate your day, that’s just wonderful.

However, (more …)

UK fashions industry statistics 2015

UK Fashion Industry Statistics

An enlightening UK fashion industry statistic – in 2015, the fashion industry contributed £28 billion to the UK economy (Oxford Economics 2016) and because the industry is always fast-expanding, we thought we’d compile these UK Fashion Industry statistic to help you keep tabs on your industry. (more …)


Ensuring your fashion business is compliant and transparent

In April 2016 Fashion Revolution and Ethical Consumer teamed up to publish the fashion transparency index. This report looked into the transparency and fashion compliancy of 40 of biggest manufacturers in the UK, interrogating apparel giants like H&M and Topman to see how much these businesses knew about who’s making their clothes. (more …)

Apparel manufacturing glossary

Apparel Manufacturing Glossary

Whether you’re a retail store manager, an apparel manufacturer or a garment enthusiast, our apparel manufacturing glossary will give you an up to date understanding of the key terms used in your industry, so that your vocabulary will match your expertise.  (more …)

Fashion Supply Chain Management Insight

Fashion Supply Chain Management Insight

Fashion manufacturing processes depend on effective production planning and control tools. They require a fashion supply chain management (SCM) tool, which supports both material and resource planning requirements, as well as the associated inventory transactions involved in fashion manufacturing activities.     (more …)