Optimising Supply Chain Management with SCM Software

An effective Supply Chain Management (SCM) software is, without doubt, an essential for all business models, enabling companies to control and streamline their end-to-end process flows. Here you can to learn what SCM software is, or if you already have a SCM, why your business needs a new one.

What is Supply Chain Management?

If we at Fabacus could define SCM with one word, it would be collaboration, whether it is between people or processes, or even between your business’ information streams; Without collaboration, businesses simply couldn’t function.

On a more technical level, supply chain management software is a tool for managing/ overseeing all the processes involved from your product’s initial design to its distribution.

A SCM software tool begins with your products, enabling you to manage its sourcing and production, whilst providing you with the data that allows you to see the areas where wastage could be reduced.

Why do I need SCM  software?

Because optimising supply chain management ensures that your inventory is always flowing out into the customer’s hands.

By using SCM software to connect the physical flow of your product with the data flow that product produces, businesses can anticipate high stress periods in the supply chain, increase on-time delivery, reduce order errors and essentially make sure that a business’ inventory is always flowing.

Comprehensive, scalable and created organically, Fabacus Overture is the essential SCM software for any business looking to reduce wastage, increase productivity and most importantly, grow.

Key Benefits of our SCM Software:

  • Improve inventory management
  • Prioritise raw material requirements
  • 360-degree visibility across all processes
  • Less wastage, lower costs, more profits
  • Minimise delays that can result in poor relationships
  • Stop over-ordering
  • Gain more control over material inventory
  • Eliminate handwritten notes and excel errors
  • It is one of the most affordable Supply Chain Management softwares available
  • Catalogue all product designs
  • Lead time reduction and quick response/replenishment
  • Centralisation equals clearer inter-department communication
  • Both you and your suppliers look at coherent critical paths