Bespoke Tailoring Software for managing your tailoring business


Fabacus Overture’s Bespoke Tailoring sales platform and order management software, integrates modern technology with the traditional tailoring industry.

What is tailoring management software?

It stores detailed style sheet data, such as design, trend and season information, enabling you to search past and present styles and compare the performance of older designs with the new.

This kind of software also provides you with a real-time view of task completion, so your tailoring business can keep track of the progress of your tailor’s critical path and the location of individual garments in your supply chain. This is done whether they’re with the pattern cutters or still in the process of being dyed.

Why do I need tailoring management software?

Instead of wasting time searching for handwritten documents featuring garment and style information, by digitising your processes with tailoring management software, time can be saved and important information can be safely and securely stored.

As a central system for all your tailoring business and manufacturing information, interdepartmental collaboration is made easier, as users from all departments can be given access to information from across your entire supply chain.

Bespoke tailors and apparel manufacturers need one piece of centralised software that covers all their supply chain and style needs, that integrates everything from fit logs to grading, to sealing and stringent testing requirements.

Comprehensive, scalable and created organically, Fabacus Overture is the essential tailor management software for any tailor looking to reduce wastage, increase productivity and most importantly, grow.

Key Benefits of our Tailoring Management Software:

  • Improve inventory management
  • Prioritise raw material requirements
  • 360-degree visibility across all processes
  • Less wastage, lower costs, more profits
  • Minimise delays that can result in poor relationships
  • Stop over-ordering
  • Gain more control over material inventory
  • Eliminate handwritten notes and excel errors
  • It is one of the most affordable SCMs available
  • Catalogue all designs
  • Lead time reduction and quick response/replenishment
  • Centralisation equals clearer inter-department communication
  • Both you and your suppliers look at coherent critical paths