Wedding apparel SCM / PLM software

Whether your business is functioning at an enterprise or start-up level, wedding apparel SCM/PLM software is essential. And because from design to manufacturing, the stages involved in the production of wedding apparel is highly complex, it is essential that your SCM/PLM software reflects that sensitivity to detail.

What is wedding apparel SCM/PLM software?

It is product lifecycle/supply chain management software that enables you to centralise the processes involved in the production of your wedding apparel.

With all the processes of your product’s lifecycle and supply chain centralised and placed in front of you in a well-visualised dashboard of information, you gain access to summarised, clean, real-time data, enabling you to make informed decisions about your wedding business.

Why do I need wedding apparel SCM/PLM software?

Because not only does wedding apparel SCM/PLM software enable you to keep a closer eye on your business and make data-driven decisions, it draws together the various parts of your business.

By using this kind of wedding apparel software, you place all the members of your business onto a singular one-stop solution, which means miscommunication between different departments is a thing of the past, and both you and your suppliers will be looking at coherent Critical Paths.

Comprehensive, scalable and organically created, Fabacus Overture is the essential wedding apparel SCM/PLM software for any business looking to reduce wastage, keep their finger on the pulse of their business and most importantly, grow.

Key Benefits of our wedding PLM/SCM apparel software:

  • Enhance your apparel inventory management
  • Prioritise raw material requirements (e.g fabrics)
  • 360-degree visibility across all wedding manufacturing processes
  • Less wastage, lower costs, more profit
  • Reduce delays that can result in poor relationships
  • Avoid detrimental over-ordering of fabrics and other material
  • Gain more control over material inventory
  • Eliminate handwritten apparel style sheets and digitize
  • It is one of the most affordable SCM/PLM software available
  • Catalogue all fashion/apparel designs
  • Lead time reduction and quick response/replenishment
  • Centralisation equals clearer inter-department communication
  • Both you and your suppliers look at coherent critical paths