Ladies Clothing Supplier

An Overture Case Study


Europride Ltd supplies some of the UK’s largest fashion retailers (New Look, Asda, House of Fraser, ASOS). However, its biggest challenge was understanding, managing and capitalising on its vast amounts of data.

It was clear that carbon paper copies were no longer a sustainable business tool. And with just four people managing the movement of 30,000 units per week, the administrative burden was starting to impact on the manufacturing process. The biggest problem was not knowing what was happening in real-time, as the company grew at a rapid rate.

The solution: Overture.
Business founder, Andrew Xeni, contacted Ray Noppé – a business consultant and information architect – to help work out how to take control of their inventory and the whole supply chain in an agile and constantly evolving way. Staff needed to be able to see and work from the same data. The back office basically needed to be in order, so the company could be efficient in all areas of the business.

And so, within six months, Overture was born. No-one had built a system of this scale, and it was clear its inventors had become pioneers in garment manufacturing software. Europride now utilises a feed downloading data from its large array of customers, meaning a faster ordering process with nothing done manually by people, and all work reflected in real-time systems. After the success of Overture, Fabacus followed soon after.

Overture helped them by:

  • Boosting productivity
  • Improving communication
  • Prioritising raw material requirements
  • Increasing factory productivity and on-time production
  • Reducing wastage at every stage
  • Stopping over-ordering
  • Removing handwritten notes and Excel errors
  • Controlling and reduce level of material inventory and work in progress
  • Improving on-time delivery