Our Market Leading Software Solutions

Below are the currently live market leading software solutions of our Fabacus Suite. Here at Fabacus we strive to deliver innovative solutions, creating products that streamline your business to increase productivity, efficiency and profitability.

We are all about encouraging growth at all stages and achieving this by enabling businesses to think differently. Please explore our software solutions below to see how they’ll enable your business to evolve, but make sure to come back, we’ll soon be adding more products to the Fabacus Suite.

A market leading Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) tool, Fabacus Symphony connects all of your software solutions into one unified and secure data hub. With your data sources centralised, you manage your data, gain access to transparent business intelligence, the ability to profile big data and the opportunity to reduce time spent re-inputting data across different sources.

A remarkable product line and supply chain management solution (PLM & SCM), Fabacus Overture is a market leading, one-stop solution for all your manufacturing processes (including Apparel / Fashion, Tailoring and Bridal Gowns) that will give you the control and oversight to run your business more efficiently by: reducing your susceptibility to data input errors; increasing the applicability of your sales reports; and ensuring both you and your clients are working along similar critical paths.

Fabacus is a business with personality and we’ve always love to stand out from the crowd. Why not take a moment to learn about the Fabacus ethos on our “Why us?” page? Where you can learn about our innovative views on personalised software solutions, and our belief in solving real problems for real-world businesses.