Fabacus is a technology innovator offering a suite of integrated business software solutions enabling leading businesses to improve their management and business intelligence (BI), in order to increase productivity and profit.

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Solving Retail & Hospitality Problems


Symphony API Integration Tool:

What is Fabacus Symphony?

How Fabacus Symphony works

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Symphony Data Management Software

Symphony case studies:

How to become a Fabacus Symphony Partner

  • Examples of Symphony partners: Ceterna, Revel, SapAnywhere, Sage Live, SimpleOrder, Metapak

Solving Manufacturing Problems


Fabacus Overture PLM & SCM Software:

What is Fabacus Overture?

Overture Software FAQ

    • Does Fabacus Overture have a Critical path? Yes it has Critical path!


Examples of Overture clients:

  • Range Room, Dare to Bare, Huntsman, Millenium, Misfit, Relish, Verve Clothing Company

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