Fabacus Symphony

An advanced reporting & API integration tool

Growing your business through insight & seamless connectivity

Fabacus Symphony’s data integration and reporting tool gives you increased operational efficiency, agility and profitability, whatever sector or size your business is. As an advanced reporting and API integration tool, it integrates all your software solutions and provides a centralised hub of clean and living data. Check out our latest Symphony videos.


API Data Integration & BI Reporting Tool

Real-time data insights

You are alerted to changes in sales and inventory patterns, allowing for greater agility and flexibility to instantly adapt to the constant changes in your business. All incoming living data is clean, enhancing your business intelligence and creating more omni-channel opportunities.

API Data Integration & BI Reporting Tool

Data accuracy

Fabacus Symphony ensures accurate, clean and normalised data across all your systems by streamlining your processes. Tasks that had been done manually – such as data transfer, synchronisation, and consolidation – will be done automatically, gaining you valuable time.

API Data Integration & BI Reporting Tool

Centralised data

As a middleware that processes your data across all your systems, Symphony provides you with a centralised data warehouse. This means you can query and report on all your information, while keeping it secure and backed-up.

Why we’re unique

Pre-emptive analytics, with real-time insights and alerts

With all your sources connected, data is delivered in real-time. Symphony compiles reports made with enriched business intelligence from all your data sources.

Living data that goes beyond big data

Symphony transforms big data into living data. Many businesses have redundant, out-of-date information. Living data is real-time and feeds on current trends or changes in sales patterns, enabling you to react and capitalise on opportunities faster than before.

Affordable usage-based subscription pricing model

Symphony is the most affordable integration solution available – you only pay for the connectors you need.

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API Data Integration & BI Reporting Tool