Organic Product Supplier

A Symphony Case Study


The Chief Operating Officer (COO) of a key organic product supplier to all major supermarkets, was seeking a master system that is centralised and will allow him to track all activities within manufacturing, sales, operations, marketing and logistics in real-time.

The client had numerous in-house systems, but had only very limited resources to realise the objective. The systems they were using were Sage50 for Accounting, Exact Globe for warehouse management, Shopify for managing their E-commerce store, Microsoft Excel for Analysis and Microsoft Access as the core database.

Microsoft Access was integral to their system infrastructure and was their in-house product data bank and data storage. All other systems fed from data stored in Access. The boundaries of the system were reached and managing the database, its structure and updating their records was becoming a nightmare, leading to errors and inconsistencies.

On their website, product labels and data sheets, their most recent information wasn’t reflected as each of them had to be updated manually. Though the master might have been changed, some systems might have been forgotten to be updated, or were updated with wrong information.

Furthermore, with information coming in from different systems/ sources in different formats, and with different field names/values, it became impossible to match data sets, analyse data properly and hence do accurate forecasts; leading to an inability to accurately manage their business.

Symphony revolutionised this business. Let us show you how it can help your business too. Get in touch with your questions now and book a discovery session.

To find out how Symphony helped them by:

  • Securely integrating old systems with the new, allowing systems to be added when needed.
  • Ensuring data only need by inputted once and proliferated to all other systems.
  • Centralising control and giving access to a real-time overview of all their operations.
  • Easily make reports with normalised data from different sources.
  • Saving them money by using our affordable solution instead of expensive development costs.

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