Data Management

For businesses of all sizes, data management software is essential to keep track of their Big Data. Without it, managers can lose touch with the inner-workings of their business. By using the right data management software, you can prevent data becoming stale, meaning increased business efficiency and ultimately, profitability.

What is Big Data?

Big Data is essentially that, a big amount of data. At a more technical level, some may describe Big Data as the amalgamation of information gathered from several data-collecting source points.

For example, say you are a coffee shop store, your Big Data will be a consolidation of the information collected from your inventory, sales data, your purchase orders and whatever other streams of information you may receiving on a day-to-day business.

So it would appear most businesses could consider themselves to have Big Data, but the key to Big Data is making use of it.

Why do you need data management software?

These days, it’s all about turning your Data into living data, using data software management systems to analyse and find patterns in your data pools, enabling you to better streamline your business’s use of its resources.

A huge part of Data analysis is visibility. Though your data software may be great a collating data from different sources, if it can’t effectively illustrate that data to you transparently, then it is effectively unusable.

You need data management software, because with it your business will be able to improve its decision-making and productivity, whilst also gaining valuable insights into what is really happening in your business.

As one of the most forward-thinking products in the BI market, Fabacus Symphony will revolutionise the way your business is run.

Key Benefits of our Data Management Software:

  • Can manage start up to enterprise levels of data input
  • Secure backed up big data storage
  • Query data and run reports across all systems in one location
  • Reduce client record anonymity and keep your data clean
  • Access real-time business intelligence through integrated data
  • Update all systems simultaneously
  • Add, remove and change systems with minimal disruption
  • Only pay for the data connectors you need