How Symphony works

Here you can learn how to use Symphony to connect your data platforms and how API integration works. As you can see from the demo, it is a very simple process, only requiring three steps to complete an API integration between solutions.

Symphony gives you access to real-time business intelligence. You can be alerted to changes in sales patterns and at the click of a mouse, adapt your business accordingly.

How API Integration Works

The steps

1. Set up schemas
Confirm what data you would like to pull from your systems and how you want that data to be organised.

2. Set up mapping
Choose which of your systems you want the data to be pulled and pushed from.

3. We’ll do the rest
Let us know your API credentials and using your schemas and mapping rules, we will take care of the rest.


To learn more about how API integration works, watch our Symphony API videos or check out examples of which software our API integration platform can integrate with.