how to comply with the GDPR

A GDPR Guide – how to prepare for the GDPR

We have compiled a digestible GDPR Guide to help you prepare for the EU’s new GDPR with a useful checklist. The General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, is the new EU law set to change how European businesses are run. The implications for personal data security are huge and there is only a limited time for businesses and retailers to prepare. (more …)

How much do people spend at Christmas

How much do people spend at Christmas?

Christmas, to many people, is a time of celebration and extravagance. For retailers, it’s a particularly illustrious and knowing how much people will spend at Christmas is important for success. (more …)

Retail trends for 2017

Our predictions of retail trends for 2017

To maintain the £339 billion of UK retail sales made in 2015, retailers need to look at retail trends for 2017 and how shopping habits may change. With the advent of omni-channel retail, the ways in which retailers reach their customers are ever-changing and they need to adapt to what they think their customers want.
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unleash power bh

Unleash The Power of Data

Fabacus Symphony lets retailers gather and use information with unprecedented clarityRay Noppé, Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer, Fabacus
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The Single Most Important Challenge in Global Omni-channel Retailing

The Single Most Important Challenge in Global Omni-channel Retailing

The shift to global Omni-channels marks a huge transition in both retail and technology. It goes without saying that before the rise of the internet, the number of channels through which consumers could purchase their desired products, were limited. For a mid-20th century buyer, mobile commerce would most likely have meant a door-to-door salesman.(more …)


An A to Z of Data Types

What is Living data? Find out below with our A to Z of data types featuring all the data terms you’ll want to know if you are an employee in the ever-expanding big data industry, or simply a tech-hobbyist looking to grow their data vocabulary. (more …)

the importance of data security

Why is Data Security Important?

Data Security is important and crucial for businesses. Understanding the risks facing data and the importance of data security will earn businesses their users and clients’ trust and will also protect them from hefty fines imposed in the event of data incidents.(more …)

Getting rid of Mr. Anonymous in retail

Back in 2011, Peter Warden, former CTO of a company acquired by Google, stressed the ‘concrete benefits’ that can come from properly utilising anonymous data. An industry that is certainly seeing these ‘concrete benefits’ is retail, (more …)


Brexit, Big Data and Business Uncertainty: What we’ve learnt

If there’s anything the last few weeks have taught us – from the seismic shock of Brexit to turmoil in the business world to uncertainty in the UK political arena – it’s that when we’re confronted by a broad range of opinions and points of view, making the right decisions can be tough.  (more …)


Why I Created Symphony

The original concept for Fabacus Symphony was born out of necessity. Having dealt with data integration for several years, I often wondered if there could be a better way to do integrations that required less work, with improved stability. (more …)