Shoestring Business

A Symphony Case Study


A few years after starting an online shop in her bedroom with Woocommerce and WordPress, Sally’s business has grown to ten staff members selling hundreds of products a week with a physical store open. She needs to find a better way to manage her business.

With the growth of her company, managing her stock and orders is becoming difficult. What’s more, she also needs to find a better way to market and manage her existing customers, as her shoestring business is starting to get overwhelmed. What Sally needs is a good Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) and some form of business intelligence, that allows her business to react faster on sales trends in her physical store, versus her online channels.

She doesn’t want to risk losing their prior efforts in search engine and content marketing, nor all the work they have done perfecting their blog using both WordPress and Woocommerce, as content marketing generates 80% of their sales; also, as a non-tech business, Sally finds the thought of having to learn a new content platform quite daunting.

The cost involved in switching to a bigger platform is also a concern; her business can’t afford the hefty fees associated with replacing everything they have so far implemented. She doesn’t want to be tied into a one shop solution so she needs the flexibility to swap and change her current solutions, to suit the way her business is working and growing.

After using Symphony, Woocommerce was connected into the central hub which created clean customer order and product profiles, with Symphony then connecting into eBay, Amazon and revel. Watch the video to see how her data now flows between all systems, making it much easier to manage her business, as well as giving shoestring business access to great business intelligence.

Symphony revolutionised Sally’s business. Let us show you how it can help your business too.

To find out how Symphony helped them by:

  • Allowing Sally to continue using: WordPress and Woocommerce as her content and commerce platform.
  • Enabling her to use: Revel as her point of sales and inventory management system; Intermail Plc as her distribution house; Salesforce as her CRM, tied in with dotmailer for email marketing.
  • Keeping her business flexible with Symphony she can now add new or remove existing systems as needed.
  • Providing clear intelligence on every part of her business at any one time, anywhere in the world via her mobile, which has linked to Maestro, a mobile stock management system which has connected to Symphony.

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