Why Us?

We believe in working with businesses and taking them to the next level – whether they’re a start-up or a big enterprise. We achieve this with innovative, market-leading solutions that give you the control to let your business to grow – whatever industry you’re in. With an emphasis on enabling data-driven decisions, with the help of real-time living data, we ensure that all the vital stats your business needs are constantly visible and ready to use.


Fabacus solves real business challenges. With a range of solutions for both leading and growing organisations, our company is committed to improving your business efficiency, co-ordination, profitability and growth. With smarter business and data management software solutions, we help you grab hold of more business opportunities and thrive – without any disruption to your daily operations.


Fabacus was founded in 2015 by a pair of entrepreneurial businessmen who decided to develop their business software solutions for the wider market. Headquartered in central London, Fabacus develops practical, personalised software solutions for businesses in many sectors.


We provide no-nonsense advice and practical solutions for each of our customers. We listen to your particular needs and come up with data management solutions that give you greater business efficiency and growth, and therefore boost revenues in the future.


Our industry experts solve business problems by developing practical solutions and harnessing data that allows faster growth and better customer experiences.

“Fabacus demonstrated a clear understanding of exactly what we needed to achieve and bent over backwards to make sure they delivered it.”

– Paul McManus, Head of Brand, Nobody’s Child

“At every step of the journey we felt that what was most important to us was what was most important to them. It’s the way one always hopes a business partnership will be.”

– Hollie Hampton, Head of Production, Europride Limited

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Our Big Innovator Award

We were honoured in 2016 to be awarded “The Big Innovator” badge from the big innovation centre. It was given to us to recognise our business’ commercial, organizational and ecosystem innovations that have helped us unlock great profit for Fabacus. The award also recognised our business model, product, impact, network, agility and cost efficiency, and we were very pleased to have received it!

big innovator


We are pleased to announce that Fabacus is now ISO 9001 certified, demonstrating to our customers and suppliers that the systems we have in place meet the high standards set out by the International Organisation for Standardisation.

If you would like to check the validity of our ISO 9001 certification, please visit www.irqao.com.

ISO 9001

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