about us

Fabacus is a London based, independent software development company, with an industry-leading team.

Fabacus was founded on the ambition to revolutionise entire industries from Fashion, Retail,  Licensing, Food & Beverage, Finance and others.


Xelacore: The World’s First Complete Product Lifecycle (CPL) Solution.

Xelacore is a modular, scalable and easy-to-adopt Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, that answers the demand for total visibility and control of every process in the supply chain.

Xelacore was developed, built and implemented by the people who use it!

Xelacore has two cores: Data management and Supply Chain.

Each core contains modules that can function independently or collectively as a complete system. Each module is built to the specification of the end users in direct response to their operational needs. Together, the modules provide the user with the Complete Product Lifecycle (CPL) solution.


The MDM aggregates data from any source, internal or external, to deliver reports and allow users to develop advanced insights


The Supply Chain/ PLM records every event at every step of the product’s lifecycle, through its intuitive interface and gives full visibility (to those with viewing permissions) of each of those events, wherever they occur within the supply chain.