Our Story

Ten years ago, Andrew Xeni left his role at Lloyds TSB Stockbrokers to join the family business, a newly-founded London-based apparel manufacturer. Having been responsible for the digitalisation of process at LTS (for which he was awarded an OSCA by the Group CEO), he quickly identified the benefits it could bring to the traditionally analogue world of manufacturing.

Not finding a suitable product readily available, he took the strategic decision to invest in building a bespoke solution, one tailored specifically to address the requirements of each process in the supply chain. He engaged a development partner, Ray Noppé, who remains in the business to this day.

Driven by the efficiencies generated by the tech platform, the business outpaced its competitors, and today is one of the largest in Britain. Its success, and the depth of

knowledge and experience Andrew gained on its journey, kindled an ambition in him to revolutionise the entire industry. He started Fabacus, an independent software development company, as a result of that ambition.

Its product, Xelacore, the world’s first Complete Product Lifecycle (CPL) solution, is set to transform supply chain technology forever.

Our Values

Quality Commitment

A key and mandatory component in everything we do. It is being measured and continuously improved.


While remaining true to our values, we aim to build long term and exclusive relationships with our customers, in order to transmit and share our passion for the company and products.

Customers and Clients

We listen and respond to our clients needs at every touch point, to build trust and provide them with reliable services and care. We create unique and personalised relationships that are in line with what our company’s values stand for.


Core products will always be developed in-house and any diversification will be anchored in our expertise.

Growth and Innovation

We will constantly invest to drive growth and innovation in segments that are inscribed in our DNA.

Our Culture


This slogan represents the spirit we want to develop: a diverseinclusive culture, but with a maverick essence!

All our relationships and partnerships are based on trust, respect, care and reciprocity. 

All attitudes and behaviours are based on integrity and ethics, shaping a strong culture.

Our Team

Andrew Xeni - Founder & Chairman

Having grown a family garment manufacturer into a global fashion business with over 2000 employees and a turnover in excess of $150m, Andrew has first-hand experience of the challenges faced by manufacturers and retailers across the whole length of the supply chain.

Fabacus is the direct result of this experience, of real-world understanding of exactly what is needed to improve each link in the chain; to make the entire process transparent, faster, and more cost-effective. Ultimately, in a world more fiercely competitive than ever before, to make the difference between profit and loss.

Jose Torrens - CEO

A results-oriented executive with an MBA from ESSEC, Jose’s career, which began in Sao Paulo, Brazil, has seen him holding senior positions across the globe; working in Hong Kong, Madrid, Miami and New York for the Richemont Group and Audemars Piguet. His move to London in 2013 to take the reins of Audemars Piguet UK saw revenue growth outperform all other subsidiaries.

Jose’s team leadership skills and his ability to adapt swiftly to change will prove invaluable in the fast-paced tech environment.

Nitesh Thandani - CTO

With over 17 years of building and growing technology teams, Nitesh is an expert in eCommerce and market networks, data analytics and trends, and the publishing sector.

As a technology consultant and adviser, Nitesh has worked with McKinsey, Autotrader, Barclays and WSGN – across four continents: Asia, America, Australia and Europe

Nish Kotecha - CFO

Nish has 27 years experience as a corporate financier, investment banker and technology and social entrepreneur. During his banking career at BZW, JP Morgan, Lehman Brothers and Sphere Partners he advised tech, media, financial services, retail corporates.

He pioneered ‘financial inclusion in the supply chain’ to improve the lives of the working poor by building Geosansar, one of India’s leading social banking businesses, which now works with many of the multinationals including M&S, Asda/Walmart, New Look etc.

Ray Noppe - CIO

An experienced CIO with a pedigree in developing cutting-edge technical solutions grounded within business, Ray co-founded Fabacus in 2016 with his business partner, Andrew Xeni. During his 10 years in the fashion industry he has a built up a proven track record of increasing productivity, sales and profits to scale firms at pace without over-engineering the processes and tools to get them there.