About us

From its conception, the Fabacus Group has wanted to shake things up in the market. It was born of the idea to provide clients with living data that gives them unique and enhanced insights into how their businesses and customers operate. Our software provides a more intelligent supply chain, product lifecycle and business management software solutions. It improves efficiency and therefore ignites growth.

Incorporated in 2016, Fabacus combines eight years of software development experience with a deep understanding of the apparel manufacturing industry and the retail sector. We are a business that has grown from the grassroots, learning about our industries from the inside out.

We are changing the way the apparel manufacturing and retail industry manages its operations through smarter business management software; something needed in an age where customer spending is on the decline.

Now delivering revolutionary and much needed new products to the market, our two founders – Andrew Xeni, CEO entrepreneur and Ray Noppé, CTO – have decades of experience behind them. They both have a background in the retail and fashion industry and an in-depth knowledge of their sectors.

The Fabacus Suite is filled with a range of revolutionary software solutions that are changing the businesses for the better. Want to learn what makes us different?

Our Values

Face Fears Together

We stand side-by-side with each customer every step of the way, until the job is done.


Be human.

We are entrepreneurs and business owners ourselves and therefore understand the real problems businesses face daily.


Be visionary.

We created our own path through the fashion industry, now we can take our customers anywhere.


Talk candidly.

We say it how it is.


We believe in business karma.

We use our expertise to help others grow and encourage our customers to do the same.