Fabacus partners with Icecat to transform the Licensing Industry

This collaboration seeks to leverage the unique strengths and proven propositions of both companies to create a mutually beneficial and transformative impact.

Fabacus is renowned for its groundbreaking work in the IP licensing sector. Xelacore, is a robust platform & system that identifies and authenticates licensed products for licensors. Xelacore creates a comprehensive product register and verifiable credentialing system for licensed consumer products. This process involves linking detailed product data from licensees to the licensor’s concept and contract data, and GTIN verification based on GS1 global retail standards.

Icecat is the global market leader in product content syndication. Icecat’s online Product Information Management (PIM) platform serves as a centralized tool for managing product data. Icecat excels in deep taxonomy management, transforming product data, and syndicating it for various user types. Their suite of services includes connectivity, PIM/DAM processes, reporting, branding, and quality assurance.

The collaboration between Fabacus and Icecat is set to be non-exclusive, presenting an array of exciting opportunities. This includes the potential use of logos, introductions to respective client bases, data exchange, and the development of product trials. Fabacus is already engaged with top licensors, creating authenticated product catalogs. The partnership with Icecat will involve the verification of product identifiers from Fabacus to Icecat, which will then be utilized in Icecat’s product data sheets and enriched through Icecat Enhanced Product Stories for e-commerce platforms.

Both Fabacus and Icecat are optimistic about the potential of this partnership to drive innovation and provide substantial value to the licensing industry. This collaboration is not only a strategic alliance but a forward-thinking move to enhance product data management and syndication for licensors and retailers worldwide.

Stay tuned for more updates as these industry leaders embark on this exciting journey together.

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